Stratford Festival Original Costume

Octavius ?- Julius Caeser (Stratford Festival)1965

Actor William Hutt

Lesley Hurry 1909-1978

Original Costume design Mixed Media

Conservation Framed Acid Free

Framed size 16 x 23 in.

$2500.00 SOLD

William Hutt was set to play Octavius but was given the plum role of Brutus, before the production started. Lesley Hurry, noted this with a question mark, near his signature.

Stage designer and painter, born in London, where he died. In 1925 joined St John’s Wood Art School, where he remained two years, then won five-year scholarship to Royal Academy Schools. His early professional work involved murals in his father’s house and decorative schemes for a firm of brewers in their public bars. Then painted landscapes in Britain and Ireland which led to a first one-man show at the Wertheim Gallery in 1937.

Victoria & Albert Museum holds his work, which has a strong Neo-Romantic flavour. Lesley Hurry died in London,England, 1978.