Original Artwork


Ron Kingswood 2009
Ink on Handmade Rice Paper
Framed (20 x 19)


Ron Kingswood, b. 1959, Sparta, Ontario, Canada

Focusing on painting the countryside for his entire career, the natural world has played an important role in the development of his paintings. Over the last decade, Mr. Kingswood has set representational aside to search within himself for a deeper meaning, quoting   “I believe when one guards him or herself and their work too tightly with all sorts of fears and apprehensions, the accidental and perhaps the incidental no longer breaths. The work no longer remains a thought or belief, it is suffocated by fear.

Strange, Man has fear in imagination, that in something so limitless and endless, he must place restraint. The hunger is no longer, the thirst is quenched and kindled with applause, the approval is the acclaim, which has now superseded the defenseless, and the unguarded. This is the descent of rational judgments, seasoning themselves away from, inventiveness and absolute passion that one is given at birth. The survival of a voice is a determination, only by those ready to unearth oneself”.