Winter Haven

Winter Haven

Richard Plasschaert
Framed Limited Edition Fine Art Print #774/999
27 x 26

Born in the picturesque city of New Ulm, Minnesota, Richard Plasschaert realized at an early age that he possessed a special ability to capture the beauty of nature in painting. Through the use of warm colors and subtle highlights, he is able to interpret the outdoor world in a way that we can all understand and appreciate. He also uses this talent to create his Memories series paintings and many wildlife paintings.

Richard has spent over 40 years in the fields of commercial art, layout and design, portrait art, landscape and wildlife painting. His work has been displayed in galleries from California to Connecticut and most notably the National Academy Galleries in New York City. Mr. Plasschaert’s wildlife career took off after his entry of “Two Mallards in Flight” was chosen as the design for the 1980-81 Federal Duck Stamp. Overnight he joined the ranks of America’s top wildlife artists.