Earth and Fire
Original Artwork

Earth and Fire

Kathryn Naylor
Framed Original Coloured Pencil 1991
Framed size 26″ x 11″


My interests are rather wide-ranging, but in general, I look for visual rhythms and connections between disparate elements.
The still-life work has always been a blend of sensuality and play — it is always enjoyable to paint a thing that’s right in front of you, and usually I pose actual objects in the studio alongside the imaginary ones.
The landscape elements move between perception and memory. Although I sketch during my travels, the final work involves reflection after the fact.  It’s always a process of building a language for the emotional impact of place and weather and season; deconstructing an experience or a feeling, and then reconstructing it in paint on canvas. Sometimes the colours in a single rock say more than the most detailed rendering of an entire forest.

…and so into the minimal approach.  Most recently, I’ve been condensing the work into expressions of shape and colour, hopefully inviting the viewer to slow down and contemplate.

Marcel Duchamp is quoted as saying that “art is making the invisible, visible”; my objective is to make the fleeting moment hold still.