Mike Schofield
Open Edition Print
23 x 23

The landscapes of Michael Schofield are justly prized and celebrated for the wealth of their fine detail, for the radiancy of their colors, and for the unfailing consonance of their diverse visual parts which enables those elements to form a harmonious visual whole. And his landscapes are not at all the same; Schofield has the ability to summon up the memories and images of different times and places, from years before and from miles and miles away, and recombine them on canvas with entirely new results. Indeed, though he has a characteristic elegance of style, his serigraphs are as distinct from one another as are the various natural beauties that inspire them.

Schofield was born in Florida 1947, but his family moved to California that same year. He began to paint and study watercolor in high school. Like most teenage boys, he was at first much more interested in sports than in fine art, but his art teacher at Oakland High School recognized that Michael had an exceptional talent, and for nearly two years he tutored the youth privately. After a stint in the military, Schofield went to art school in Nashville, Tennessee. During the summers he would journey to Woodstock, New York, in order to study with watercolorist John Pike, an esteemed member of the National Academy of Art and the American Watercolor Society.