Majestic Beauty

Majestic Beauty

Ron Vermeiren
Limited Edition Fine Art Print #196/250
(23 x 18)

Ron was born in 1946 and grew up in Kingsville, Ontario. Canada.  He is a natural self-taught artist and a great admirer of the Old Masters like Rembrandt and Ruben. His unique style is an attribute to itself. Applying paint in eight to ten layers, he achieves a delicate tranquil appearance. This process requires from 200 to 500 hours to complete one painting. As a professional artist he has achieved over 600 originals and printed over 40 limited editions.

After a brush with death followed by a liver transplant in 2002, Ron has reached within and found new insights. His art is evolving reflecting his new found life. A humanistic luminescence is shown in his art.