Judy Minor
Limited edition Fine Art Print #118/125
(17 x 13.5 in.)

For me, there is a simple dignity in working with the hands, and great joy in producing something ‘from nothing’ that can delight the senses. My theme is the light, and how it makes ‘the commonplace’ uncommon. One definition of art is that it, forever, changes the way we see the ordinary. A painterly realism seems best to portray this idea, and over the years I’ve strived to paint ‘as the eye sees’, but more–a mood, a sense of place and time, and an experience. Realism also holds the most interest for me–the excitement when I imagine the concept, the hard work of refining it, then the magic and payoff of watching puddles of paint ‘come to life’ under the brush. Excellence in craftsmanship is a fundamental goal of mine. How the subject is painted is just as significant to me as what the subject might be. For balance, I like to alternate the highly intense work of miniature painting with larger, more impressionistic ‘looser’  pieces