Potting Shed Play

Lesley Harrison
Artist’s Proof #41/99
(18 x 16)
$165.00 Includes Both Pieces

Lesley has now been painting professionally for 30 years. She has combined her love of animals with painting to produce in her career a continuing series of remarkable animal portraits. An affinity for the animals that she paints and a strong command of her medium allows her to capture the spirit of each animal and to convey to each viewer its individuality, grace and strength.

She sums up her experience: “I’m blessed, blessed that people want to buy what I love to paint. Sometimes people stand in front of my paintings and cry. What better gift could any artist receive? I’m convinced that paintings that come from the heart can touch the heart of others. It’s almost as though I become a source through which animals can be portrayed as an individual, each with a distinct personality. It doesn’t matter if the animal is a cat, a wolf or a horse; I paint the ones that evoke an emotional response in me in the hope that I can pass that on to the viewer.”