River Walk

River Walk

Gregg Alexander
Framed limited Edition Fine Art Print #946/999
31 x 24

Alexander deeply rooted passion started at the age of six when he watched his father take a plain white sheet of paper, and a pencil and created a beautiful pair of lions resting on a rock. After high school Greg enrolled in an art college, and instead of being impressed with the class technique, he felt as though it was pulling him away from his deep desire to paint the natural world. After one semester of floundering, Greg walked into the deans office and explained his feelings by showing his portfolio. The dean looked at his work, paused for a moment, and said “This school is not for you Greg. You need to keep going on your own, teach yourself as you have been with your reference photography and get out there and be close to the subjects you love to paint.” After being granted permission to pursue his talents on his own terms, it wasn’t long before Greg left St. Paul, Minnesota to head for the south shore of Lake Superior. There he rented a remote log cabin for four years. The $150 monthly rent proved to be a cheap tuition for his self-guided education. After four years in that cabin, Greg honed his skills to create artwork that inspires and captivates others. His dedication, his desire and a love for Gods creation, makes Greg’s one of the countries premier Wildlife Artists today.

Greg currently makes his home near Ashland, Wisconsin with his wife Gina, and two daughters, Leisha and Marilyn. In the north woods he has more beautiful scenes than one can paint in a lifetime. Greg also is a National Registered EMT and Firefighter. He feels truly blessed!