Original Artwork

Rocky Shore

Margaret Selkirk 1976

Limited Edition Fine At Print #293/295

Sold Out Edition Framed Size 19 x 24 in.


Margaret Selkirk was born in Scotland in 1944 and came to Canada with her war-bride mother in 1945. They journeyed to Vancouver Island where Marg found her place in the fifth generation of one of BC’s pioneer families.

Marg is a self-taught artist and has expressed herself through her art since she was a small child. As she evolved as an artist, her richly detailed oil paintings have come to reflect her deep spiritual love for the natural world. 

From dense forests to majestic mountains, from tranquil lakes to misty oceans, Marg’s paintings show a light and life that captivate the viewer.

Artist Statement

I draw inspiration for my work from BC’s wilderness. When I am hiking and exploring, I am captivated by the colours, sounds, shapes and scents of our natural world. My paintings emerge when I translate the tranquility and peace I feel onto the canvas. My art allows me to share the beauty of our region in the most honest and personal way I can.