Rowing Down The Thames

Rowing Down The Thames

Jonathon Hayes
Framed Limited Edition Fine Art Print #228/250
20 x 17

It is my sincere desire to preserve memory in fine detail.  In my paintings, I want viewers to experience regional landscape intimately and indelibly.  Throughout the past 20 years, I have dedicated my life to fine art painting.  Early in my career, I adopted a realist style and have always aimed to maintain a high level of detail and quality in my paintings.

Watercolour and acrylic are my media of choice.  The majority of my work is centred on the landscape of southwestern Ontario.  Thematically, I have attempted to capture the present-day qualities of lush parks and fresh lakes, as well as the nostalgia of days past in small-town Ontario.

I have patrons throughout the province, Canada and beyond.  I am based in historic St. Thomas Ontario, known as the Railway Capitol of Canada.  I find my home to be a continual source of beauty and inspiration.