Safe Haven

Safe Haven

Gary Moss
Limited Edition Fine Art Print #406/1250
(22 x 13)

Gary Moss started drawing and painting waterfowl, ducks specifically, from early childhood. “The first thing I remember drawing was the head of a Canvasback.”  Ducks fascinated him and he sought out any pictures he could to learn how to draw and identify them in all of their variations. Much anticipated were the annual Crossroads of Sports catalog, Richard Bishop’s CalendarOutdoor Life and Sport’s Afield magazines, plus many, many trips to the Minnneapolis public library searching for books on duck hunting. By age eleven his school teacher, impressed with his talent, encouraged his parents to nurture his artistic ability.  In high school he was able to meet and visit Lee Jaques.Les Kouba was also gracious enough on many Saturdays to critique his art work, and eventually showed some of his work in his gallery.

“From the 1970’s I have been incredibly fortunate to spend my life doing what I love most—hunting and painting.” Gary Moss’ work has been, and still is to this day, a reflection of his love and experiences with wildlife. Over the past thirty years his artwork has been frequently featured by Minnesotan and National conservation groups.