Summer Solstice
Original Artwork,  Sale Items- 20% 0ff listed price

Summer Solstice

Ruth Hayes
Framed original wet wash watercolour 21″ x 17 ”
Conservation Framed Acid Free

Painting is an opening, an invitation to play and flow with colour, rarely knowing where it will lead me. My work is inspired by the landscape, figures, symbols and abstract forms and colours. I love the transparency and spontaneity of watercolours but find exciting the versatility of working in Acrylic. What continues to intrigue me is the dialogue that happens between the painter and the painting. This is when my art becomes a bridge to other realms. Symbols, archetypal energies and myth weave in and out creating magic and alchemy that will hopefully dance between the viewer, the painting and the painter.

Art is a path that connects me to both the seen and unseen. Shamanstree is a name that covers my creative pursuits from my individual painting to teaching art classes or using art as personal growth. According to Shamanic legend the central axis of the tree connects heaven and earth and all aspects of life. It is through creating that the magic of this connection is awakened. So it is with a certain humility that I paint because I must and it is with joy that I hope I inspire others to paint and it is with a silent presence that I witness this creative energy working in others through my private practice in expressive arts.