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Mary Rose Sanderson
Limited edition Fine Art Print #23/250
(22.5 x 15.5)

Mary Rose Sanderson is a well known Canadian/American artist whose lovely watercolours bring back fond memories for everyone. Mary Rose’s understanding of  “flora and fauna” and her appreciation of the history in the old buildings which are our heritage, provide the inspiration which gives such amazing depth to her paintings.

 “Light and shadow have fascinated me for as long as I can remember. The sharp shadow of the silo on the barn roof, the subtle shading cast on the forest floor by the sun’s rays filtering through the trees have been only a few of the subjects whose feeling I have tried to capture”

Because of popular demand, a selection of more the forty of Mary Rose’s beautiful watercolours have been reproduced as Limited Edition Prints. Mary Rose’s work has become part of private and corporate collections worldwide, and every new collector allows more people to enjoy Mary Rose’s work.

“Through my paintings and reproductions I hope I can pass on to you some of the magic I see in the woods surrounding us or in the charm and beauty of the treasured old buildings and barns of our countryside”