Stratford Festival Original Costume

Artemidorus-Julius Caesar(Stratford Festival)1965

Actor Brian Petchey

Leslie Hurry 1909-1978

Original Drawing Mixed Media

Framed Size 20 x 29 inches

$2800.00 SOLD

Stage designer and painter, born in London, where he died. In 1925 joined St John’s Wood Art School, where he remained two years, then won five-year scholarship to Royal Academy Schools. His early professional work involved murals in his father’s house and decorative schemes for a firm of brewers in their public bars. Then painted landscapes in Britain and Ireland which led to a first one-man show at the Wertheim Gallery in 1937.

Victoria & Albert Museum holds his work, which has a strong Neo-Romantic flavour. Lesley Hurry died in London,England, 1978.