Cash For Cans

Cash For Cans

Roger Archibald
Limited Edition Fine Art Print #665/950
(Image Size 18 x 17)

Roger Archibald was born and raised in Arizona.  As a young boy he would
help his brother-in-law break colts and doctor cattle.

After graduating from high school, he worked full time for various ranches and feedlots.

Looking back, Roger regrets that he didn’t take his art more seriously,
but admits that when you’re 19 years old, it’s a heck of a lot more fun to
rope and doctor one than it is to sit down and draw one.

Roger, for the most part, is a self-taught artist but has taken art classes at
Phoenix College and Scottsdale Artist School.  Roger’s work has been

featured in the Western Horseman, Western Cowman, Art of the West,
Art Life, Art Book, Southwest Art, Art Talk, Western Art Collector,
on the cover of Rand’s Custom Hats and Ranch World Ads.

He is an award-winning artist winning first place awards at the

AZ National Livestock-Cowboy Classic and Western Artists of America
Art Show to name a few.  Roger is a stickler for detail and authenticity
and knows his subject matter.  He is dedicated in preserving a way of life
that is still very much  alive today.  His goal is to capture the working
Cowboy and Cowgirl at work and at play and share it with those that
feel the same about a way of life that is common to so many.