Coastal Sprit

Coastal Sprit

Marc Barrie
Limited Edition Fine Art Print #205/450
Image Size (26 x 16)

Marc has made portraying the essence of nature the focus and centre of his life since the time he left school. Whether the subject is an eagle soaring effortlessly over the Rocky Mountains, or a loon gliding peacefully on a cold misty lake, Marc’s talent and attention to detail make his paintings come alive with stirring realism, evoking in the viewer the sensation of ‘actually being there’. His paintings are rich with colour, depth and realism.
“I work very hard at my paintings, and do only one at a time. All my energy and attention goes into a painting once I start it, and I paint every day until it is completed. Each painting starts with an idea or something that inspires me.”
“I will then sketch or photograph the scene, animal or bird, and then I build it into an original work using years of collected reference material and past experience.
The finished painting usually ends up being a composition of numerous combined elements that form the image that appeared initially in my mind. I am entirely self taught, and have had no formal art education. I learned by my own mistakes, and by being determined to make each painting better than the one before.”