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Nestled In

Nancy Howe

Limited Edition Fine Art Print #914/999

Framed Size 31 x 26


“What I learn about myself and how to make sense of my life through painting is as important to me as creating something beautiful and original.  I have learned not to fear following a painting when it leads me on a different path than the one I originally designed for it. There is always something wonderful to be discovered at the end of that detour. What is manifest in nearly all my art is a quietude and peacefulness that seems to pervade even the most dynamic of my painting compositions – of nature, people, animals, birds, and “still” life. No doubt this is a way of living and being I wish for myself and for those who view my paintings.”

About the Artist
Nancy Howe is a self-taught artist who began developing her art seriously in 1988 from her rural studio in Vermont. Her paintings in oils exhibit a refined quality of realism often described as suffused with light, exquisitely textural, and having a quiet presence. Her unique treatment of the subject matter, which spans the range from animals and birds, to landscape, still life, and figures, is created through thoughtful compositions, strong design and the expression of light.