Sampson Matthews Silkscreens

The Plough

Thoreau MacDonald

Sampson Matthew Silkscreen 1947

Framed Size 37.5 x 27.5


Thoreau MacDonald, 1901 – 1989

Canadian artist Thoreau MacDonald was the only son of Group of Seven member J.E.H. MacDonald and was born near Toronto, where he was to spend most of his life.

‘ The Plough’ recalls that at fifteen years years of age, Thoreau worked as a farm hand before taking up art studies, where the countryside around his home would have informed his art. He was a modest thoughtful man, in touch with nature. This sensibility made subjects like the plough perfectly suited to the Sampson-Matthews project, to which he would be such an important contributor, and through which the narrative of the Canadian story had national appeal.